Maybe I Can Guilt Myself Enough

Gah. It would be so much easier if I had an assistant. 😛 I haven’t posted in over a week but that’s not to say I haven’t been crafting but I can’t say I have been crafting everyday. I am trying to get my costumes done for Dragon Con next Friday, but I’ve also had to run around town and get last minute supplies. Good excuses but they are excuses nontheless.

I’ve done a lot of work on my Wheel of Time (book series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson) Nynaeve costume and I don’t have much to finish that up. It has to be hemmed and have the zipper added in the back, sleeves and the collar. I want to whip up a quick bag that will go with my costume and hold all my stuff as well as cover some shoes with the same material the dress is made out of.
My second Costume is going to be from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I’m doing the humanized version of Princess Luna. I bought a plain navy dress from the thrift store that I’m just adding chiffon and some ribbon to it. I should be able to use my shoes from the previous costume because they will be dark blue. I have to style my wig a bit, construct my wings, put together a bag with my cutie mark and finalize foam accessories.
I’m insanely thinking about doing a third costume that wouldn’t take me long to do. I bought some fabric so I may do it if I finish the other two with time to spare. I’m thinking about doing Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her blue dress. I would just have to make the blue dress, apron and bow since I have a basket, black flats, a book and brown hair. We will see. I’ll try and update my progress on the outfits as I go.

I’ll add photos I used for reference as well for those who are not familiar with the characters in another post.
Kiki loafing for your daily dose of cute.



Thrift store dress, Part 1

My friend’s birthday is this weekend. Her theme is vintage Disney/dapper day at Disney so I needed an outfit.

I had something I could wear but honestly I wanted to wear something new but I did not want to pay full dress price since I’m trying to budget for Dragon Con.

So, of course, I go looking at Goodwill for possible dresses. I like thrift stores. Goodwill helps our community and of course I love the prices, and they have a better selection for my size than the other thrift store in town, Value Village. There are certain things I won’t purchase secondhand like pillows and underwear. I like being thrifty but I have standards.

So the first dress I found could work as it was. It was a good fit and I loved the fabric but having the pattern on the entire dress was a bit much for me. I was also not a fan of the elastic waist. I remember my grandmother wearing a lot of dresses like this about 15 years ago.


I looked a little longer to see if I could find something else or a different shirt for it. I found a different dress with a very similar cut and size that matches one of the colors in the pattern.


The top of the green dress was a little tight so I decided I wanted to splice the dresses together using the top of the patterned one and the bottom of the green with a chunky black fabric piece to look like a belt. I cut the patterned dress in half and turned it inside out to get it ready to pin together and I cut the green dress on half, leaving the zipper down to save it. In retrospect I should have cut the zipper out in its entirety but I didn’t think about the fact that I would be using it attached to the fabric already.


Since I was cutting things apart I wanted the skirt to look fuller as pleats didn’t go with the 1950’s look I envisioned (I also don’t really like pleats). I had to iron the thing out and it took a little bit for me to find the right setting on the iron and process to straighten it out.

I had just cut and sewn together the black fabric belt piece when McGee was meowing outside the door. (I have to keep the kitties out because they will eat anything.) I had been working for a couple hours and figured I could take a break to snuggle him.


Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the dress in another day or so. I have to remind myself to take pictures because it is so easy for me to start working and realize later that I didn’t take any pictures. : /