Thrift store dress, Part 2

I was excited to finish my dress so, again, 15 minutes turned into something like 3-4 hours.

I didn’t have much left to do so I jumped right in. I pinned the black sash to the top and pinned a black zipper in that I had lying around. If I’d had the forethought to cut out the zipper, as I stated previously, I wouldn’t be using a coat zipper. -_-


I had a little more trouble with the skirt. I couldn’t decide on how I wanted it to hang so I pinned it several times in different ways to see what I wanted to go with. I finally just decided to go with gathered since I was tired of messing with it. After I pinned it the last time it didn’t take long at all before I was done.


I had to fix the hook and eye at the back closure as well. I was going to replace it because I swear I had hooks and eyes in my sewing box but I couldn’t find any! Not a single one.

I kind of wish the sash was maybe a bit longer or the skirt not so long but it turned out well enough and I have other things I worry about.


This has to be the fastest I’ve ever completed a sewing project, which is pretty awesome but I think it would be the same amount of time squeezed into a smaller timeframe instead of being any faster. It was also already finished parts so really it’s a Frankendress.

I was going to post a picture wearing the dress but it’s late, so instead here is a picture of Kiki.



2 thoughts on “Thrift store dress, Part 2

  1. Caitlin says:

    This is amazing! I love the new dress and it is perfect for the party!

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