After Con

It’s already been a two weeks since Dragon Con! (Ridiculous) I’ve been taking a break to recuperate from the con. I didn’t contract Con Crud but I was exhausted and somewhat hurt (my feet). I feel like if I could take a whole month off I might be ready to get down to business but unfortunately I don’t have the luxury (I also need to work. ><)

I haven’t done anything crafty but I wanted to update with pictures from the Con at least!


Princess Luna and Princess Celestia


Elayne Trakand and Nynaeve Al’ Meara


The Doctor


Elayne Trakand, Green Aes Sedai sister, Nynaeve Al’ Meara


Asha’man, Elayne Trakand, Nynaeve Al’Meara


Hagrid and Princess Celestia


Aragorn, Gimli, Elayne Trakand, Legolas


The Evil Queen, Ursula, Maleficent, Cinderella


Snow White, Cinderella


Dolores Umbridge


Fix-it Felix, Cinderella, Vanellope


Wolverine, Elayne Trakand


Voldemort, Princess Celestia


Isabelle Lightwood


Luna Lovegood at the Slytherin table


Evanna Lynch and Scarlett Byrne panel


Lily Potter, James Potter, Harry Potter


Harry Potter


Ginny Weasley


Luna Lovegood


Arthur Weasley


Bellatrix, Lord Voldemort, Death Eaters


Madame Pomfrey, Oliver Wood, McGonagall




Trelawney, Boggart Snape


McGonagall, Mad-Eye Moody


Prince Adam and Belle


Ginny Weasley


Milo Thatch






Tiana, Doctor Facilier


Elemental Elsas




Snow White and the Evil Queen


Snow White and Captain Hook


Emma Swan and Captain Hook


Matrim Cauthon


Raistlin Majere and Crysania Tarinius


The Fellowship


Men in Tights




Sailor Moon


Doctor Who and TARDIS


Raistlin Majere


Poison Ivy




Rita Repulsa


Princess Buttercup


Sarah and Jareth




The Silence


John Watson

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Dragon Con Updates

I’ve been busy, absurdly so. I have just finished sewing my Nynaeve Dress yesterday and I am happy with the way it turned out.

I made a rose crown for my friend’s costume. I picked up a bouquet of small roses on sale at Joann’s Fabrics for $1.50. I had the wire already and it was a pretty bronze color but clashed when I spray painted the roses gold. I had to get some gold spray paint from Walmart (I’m not a huge fan of gold so I didn’t have any lying around). I did buy a short can so it was only a couple dollars. I also had a tube of E6000 that I have used for other projects.

I braided the wire loosely and looped it at the ends to connect. It was a little difficult without having the other ends attached to anything. After I got the crown the right length I trimmed it up and looped the ends. I popped the rose blossoms off the stems and stuck them in the available loops created by the braid. The blossoms were carefully glued to the wire with E6000 and set to dry for a day. After that, sprayed with a couple coats of gold paint.

I also put together a bag for my Nynaeve costume, because I just had to. This bag was just something I threw together. The fabric like a vinyl that looks similar to leather. I bought it as a remnant at Joann’s fabrics (at half-off the marked price no less!) I figured if it didn’t turn out since I didn’t use a pattern then it wasn’t a big loss. It’s not bad but I can see room for improvement. It will probably work for what I need it for. I’ll bring an extra bag just in case.

I have most of my Luna accessories done but the dress is still in the works, with four days (?) to go? :/
My wrist cuffs. All I need to do is trim them and attach something so they close (probably hook and eyes).

I have a crap-ton of chiffon to hem before I can really see anything to the dress but I do have stuff pinned to show how I want it to look. Most of the Chiffon will be on the skirt. I will have a little on the shoulders for sleeves.

I haven’t gotten a picture of my styled wig, crown and horn yet but I will take one an upload it later.

Since I’m behind schedule I don’t think I’ll attempt to do the Belle costume, even though I’d like to. It took much longer to hem the Nynaeve than I thought it would just because it was so hard to get it exactly the right length. It also took longer because McGee kept meowing at the Craft-room door because he wanted love. (They can’t come in because of all the things they could eat, like thread). So I had to take lots of breaks to appease him, and Kiki.

I think two costumes will be enough for me though. I can wear fandom shirts for the rest of the time that I’ll be there and I have plenty of those. The only question is which ones to bring/wear?

Picture of said needy cat. 🙂 It’s hard to be mad at him for long because he’s just so sweet. :3


Maybe I Can Guilt Myself Enough

Gah. It would be so much easier if I had an assistant. 😛 I haven’t posted in over a week but that’s not to say I haven’t been crafting but I can’t say I have been crafting everyday. I am trying to get my costumes done for Dragon Con next Friday, but I’ve also had to run around town and get last minute supplies. Good excuses but they are excuses nontheless.

I’ve done a lot of work on my Wheel of Time (book series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson) Nynaeve costume and I don’t have much to finish that up. It has to be hemmed and have the zipper added in the back, sleeves and the collar. I want to whip up a quick bag that will go with my costume and hold all my stuff as well as cover some shoes with the same material the dress is made out of.
My second Costume is going to be from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I’m doing the humanized version of Princess Luna. I bought a plain navy dress from the thrift store that I’m just adding chiffon and some ribbon to it. I should be able to use my shoes from the previous costume because they will be dark blue. I have to style my wig a bit, construct my wings, put together a bag with my cutie mark and finalize foam accessories.
I’m insanely thinking about doing a third costume that wouldn’t take me long to do. I bought some fabric so I may do it if I finish the other two with time to spare. I’m thinking about doing Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her blue dress. I would just have to make the blue dress, apron and bow since I have a basket, black flats, a book and brown hair. We will see. I’ll try and update my progress on the outfits as I go.

I’ll add photos I used for reference as well for those who are not familiar with the characters in another post.
Kiki loafing for your daily dose of cute.


Maybe I’ll figure out a schedule

I am terrible with blogging everyday but I will not stop trying.

Unfortunately I haven’t got anything cool to show off this week because I’ve been writing… And I don’t like any of it.

I used to write quite a lot and often but I got to a point where I decided I wasn’t going to make it as a writer so I wanted to give up. This was much harder than I thought.

It was about four years ago, I think. I would daydream about what ifs and had to stop myself. Why was I thinking about these things if I wasn’t using them? I mentally balled up the thought and threw it away and forgot it. I went to a lot of trouble to stop being a writer when it’s something that comes so naturally to me.

I’m trying to get back into writing but it’s nearly as hard as it was to quit. I don’t think it helps that I’m doing more and different crafty things than I ever did before so I’m busier and have other outlets.

Anyway, soon you will be seeing more sewing projects and my Dragon con outfits. I wish I were able to do three but it’s already so much work with two and Dragon Con is coming up fast.

I will return soon with some kind of pictures of crafty things but for now, and always, here is your daily cat.


General update-Monster post

I haven’t been able to write a blog post but I have been crafting. I’ve been preparing for my friend’s birthday which has been a little labor intensive.

I decorated goody bags. They were just plain bags from Joann’s and I glued wrapping paper on it to fit her them. They have pixie dust and marshmallow Mickey heads for favors. I wasn’t able to get a picture of the Mickey heads out of their wrappers because they were devoured.



I made the party hats with Mickey ears. The original idea came from here. I adjusted it to include the Mickey ears. All the stuff to make these came from the dollar store. I bought one pack of 8 regular sized part hats ($1) in 4 colors(silver, gold, green, and red), Two packs of headbands, they came four in a pack of assorted colors ($2) and one sheet of black posterboard ($1). I used hot glue to attach the hats to the headband and I used my X-acto knife to cut slits in hat to place the ears.

And I made two types of cupcakes: Orange poke cake with vanilla cream frosting and Cinnamon cupcakes with cinnamon sugar cream cheese frosting.


I helped her make the Pom Pom poufs Saturday night. This is the dining room set up with the poms.

And also the living room decor with poms.

The party was lovely with a 1950’s vintage Disney theme. I will have to get back to my regular schedule now with a daily post. 🙂 I’ll have to post links later.




And here is Kiki while I was crafting Friday afternoon.


Thrift store dress, Part 2

I was excited to finish my dress so, again, 15 minutes turned into something like 3-4 hours.

I didn’t have much left to do so I jumped right in. I pinned the black sash to the top and pinned a black zipper in that I had lying around. If I’d had the forethought to cut out the zipper, as I stated previously, I wouldn’t be using a coat zipper. -_-


I had a little more trouble with the skirt. I couldn’t decide on how I wanted it to hang so I pinned it several times in different ways to see what I wanted to go with. I finally just decided to go with gathered since I was tired of messing with it. After I pinned it the last time it didn’t take long at all before I was done.


I had to fix the hook and eye at the back closure as well. I was going to replace it because I swear I had hooks and eyes in my sewing box but I couldn’t find any! Not a single one.

I kind of wish the sash was maybe a bit longer or the skirt not so long but it turned out well enough and I have other things I worry about.


This has to be the fastest I’ve ever completed a sewing project, which is pretty awesome but I think it would be the same amount of time squeezed into a smaller timeframe instead of being any faster. It was also already finished parts so really it’s a Frankendress.

I was going to post a picture wearing the dress but it’s late, so instead here is a picture of Kiki.


Thrift store dress, Part 1

My friend’s birthday is this weekend. Her theme is vintage Disney/dapper day at Disney so I needed an outfit.

I had something I could wear but honestly I wanted to wear something new but I did not want to pay full dress price since I’m trying to budget for Dragon Con.

So, of course, I go looking at Goodwill for possible dresses. I like thrift stores. Goodwill helps our community and of course I love the prices, and they have a better selection for my size than the other thrift store in town, Value Village. There are certain things I won’t purchase secondhand like pillows and underwear. I like being thrifty but I have standards.

So the first dress I found could work as it was. It was a good fit and I loved the fabric but having the pattern on the entire dress was a bit much for me. I was also not a fan of the elastic waist. I remember my grandmother wearing a lot of dresses like this about 15 years ago.


I looked a little longer to see if I could find something else or a different shirt for it. I found a different dress with a very similar cut and size that matches one of the colors in the pattern.


The top of the green dress was a little tight so I decided I wanted to splice the dresses together using the top of the patterned one and the bottom of the green with a chunky black fabric piece to look like a belt. I cut the patterned dress in half and turned it inside out to get it ready to pin together and I cut the green dress on half, leaving the zipper down to save it. In retrospect I should have cut the zipper out in its entirety but I didn’t think about the fact that I would be using it attached to the fabric already.


Since I was cutting things apart I wanted the skirt to look fuller as pleats didn’t go with the 1950’s look I envisioned (I also don’t really like pleats). I had to iron the thing out and it took a little bit for me to find the right setting on the iron and process to straighten it out.

I had just cut and sewn together the black fabric belt piece when McGee was meowing outside the door. (I have to keep the kitties out because they will eat anything.) I had been working for a couple hours and figured I could take a break to snuggle him.


Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the dress in another day or so. I have to remind myself to take pictures because it is so easy for me to start working and realize later that I didn’t take any pictures. : /